10 dating tips for women

True you don't want awkward silences, but if you find yourself controlling the conversation, not letting him get more than a few words in, then you've got to stop yourself and LISTEN. And don't make them questions like "How much money do you make?

" (I know you won't ask those kind of questions), but ask instead questions like "Do you do any traveling/ Where have you traveled? That means you can't have "bitch" plastered over your face. Give guys invitations to approach you by looking at him and smiling. This will only make him associate you with negativity. A large number of guys play video games so playing some wouldn't hurt.

If he’s really playing you at your own expense, you wouldn’t want to make it easy for him, right? Nothing challenges a player more than the idea of a conquest.

If you want to get his attention and have him chasing after you, start off by being indifferent. If he comes near you, play it cool and put him down.

" "Is she texting her friend telling her how bad of a date this is?

" 2) Being too picky - If you're at a restaurant and you're too picky about the food, it can signal to your date that you're too high maintenance.

5) Avoid talk of your problems - I once went on a date where the girl just kept talking about her daddy issues. He's probably thinking, "Is she texting another guy?

Also nagging him about certain things or griping about stuff is a sure-fire way to make a guy lose interest in you. You need to give him hints that you want him, but you can't let him have too much at one time. Jika ingin mengutip, baik itu sebagian atau keseluruhan dari isi artikel ini harap menyertakan link dofollow ke

1) Learn how to play hard to get the right way - When a man desires you, as long as he isn't a p*ssy, he will chase you. What this means is definitely do not go home with him until the third date. If you want to say something to him, do it through text-message. Kiss him, but don't let him kiss you whenever he wants to.

If he tries to get your attention, look away, stare into your drink like it’s the most interesting thing in the room, or disappear into the girls’ room.

Pretending you don’t notice him or are not the least bit interested challenges his confidence, and he may just want to prove you wrong.

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Here are my top 10 tips to help women snag their man.

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