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Not exactly knowing the whole story surrounding Eduardo's accident, will Emma finally tell Mads and Char about the switch to save their friendship, or will she risk it to save Sutton's secret?

Will Sutton be able to find the answer about why she and Emma were separated, or will her curiosity put her and her loved ones' lives in danger?

Meanwhile, as the teenagers do anything to keep their secrets, the parents may be lying to keep life-altering secrets of their own.

Double Dibs (air date: 2011-08-29) After revealing Sutton's real relationship with Ethan, the Mercers insist she invite him over for dinner.

With her relationship with Ethan still strained, she has no one to turn to and forced to go along with Travis' plan if she has any hope of getting him to leave her alone.

But with her old life looming over her, will this be the straw that breaks Emma's back?

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When she overhears an argument between Ted and Kristen, Emma thinks she finally can put a stop to all of the lies and get some real answers out of Sutton's mom.

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