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button on your Sky remote control to turn it on properly.For news on the Thomson model: Update on Thomson model: As from May/June 2014 any Sky subscribers with this model were asked to contact Sky for a replacement via a prompt on the Sky HD channels.Last Resort This method will definitely get rid of your saved programmes and data and it also takes a little longer.However, this is the one that Sky will tell you to do, so instead of ringing them and getting stuck in a queue, just refer to this.a) Unplug the box from the mains plug for 3 minutes.[QUOTE=joe516;1759]sky/sky box, use these tips to enter secret menu to reset/defrag[/QUOTE i have a sky dish with no subscription, but i get all the teras tv and some other foreign channels, but my pictures on thef foreign channels seem to break up alot, whats wrong ??h I I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING EVERY WERE FOR THIS TYPE ON INFO...What should happen now, is that it'll show the "" message and then, restore itself back to full service.Unless of course, you got impatient and skipped the 'waiting for 10 minutes' piece of advice', which means you will have lost all your saved programmes and the like.

HOPES THIS HELPS DIY SKY PLUS REPAIR REMINDER - You are responsable for any repairs or actions taken to repair your SKY equipment Stage One - "Full System Reset" 1. Remove Sky Plus Box "Mains Cable" - (either from wall socket or back of Sky Box) 2. Remain holding the "Left and Right Arrow Buttons" for around 30 seconds 5. Now the System will "Format the Hard Drive" - The "Green Sky Ring" will now spin backwards 9.

Hold down the "Backup Button" on the front of the Sky Box 3. Remain holding the "Backup Button" for around 30 seconds 5.

The lights on the front of the Sky Box should now light up 6.

Always try this fix before you do anything else.a) The first thing you should do, is to unplug your Skybox from the mains. c) As you plug your Skybox back into the mains, press the BACKUP button at the same time (not the one on the remote) and hold it down.

d) When all the lights come on at the front of your Sky box, release the button.

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Of course, if your Sky box has blown up or you've poured 3 litres of Apple Sourz into it, it may be beyond repair, but otherwise, let us try and help you out.

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