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How can you get to the bottom of this person -- who are they, down deep?

Start out with a few questions about issues that are really important to you.

Constantly worried that they missed a detail that will be impossible to fix, they can get stuck in details, becoming overly critical and concerned about matters that nobody else seems to care much about.

Since Mercury is the ruling planet of this sign, its representatives have a well-developed sense of speech and writing, as well as all other forms of communication.

Ask them in a relaxed, open-ended fashion and see what comes next.

Find their right match using the compatibility tool below: – Virgos are excellent advisors, always knowing how to solve a problem.

Lake Titicaca still has Pre-Incan people living on man-made floating islands of grass.

Fantasies that are in your mind may exist somewhere in the real world.

Their methodology makes them shine at jobs that require good organization, dealing with paperwork, problem solving and working with their minds and their hands.

When they focus, perfection is to be expected from their work, for no other sign has such an eye for details as Virgo.

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