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We finished March with exciting comments from you all about BMC Communities, and the value you were getting out of it (see March Survey also featuring public feedback, yeah, we're that authentic ) Preview Hide preview In case you haven't seen the announcement in BMC Customer Programs (which is a BMC Community space that you should definitely follow): The BMC UX team is extending its study with Service Desk Preview Hide preview Thanks Graham for this feedback.

I'm very proud of the Remedyforce community And the Beta Programs community too!

The new system would see married couples’ tax calculated in two ways – jointly, as usual, and under the rules that apply to cohabiting couples.

The couple then must pay the lesser amount of the two calculations.

In the main cities, demand outstrips supply many times over.

“There can be more than 60 applications per flat,” says Fritze.

Even those with a job and a rental contract have to grapple with quotas.

“Switzerland is very decentralized with four official languages.Currently, while the parents' incomes are taxed separately, they can benefit from the same child deductions as married couples with children, something which “is one of the causes of the marriage penalty,” feels the government.In February 2016 a referendum aiming to put an end to the so-called marriage penalty was narrowly rejected by the public, but mainly because it would have changed the definition of marriage to potentially thwart any chance of same-sex marriage being legalized in the future.It’s also not part of the EU, so the rules and traditions are a bit different.And the individual cantons are quite autonomous, so each one does things in its own way,” says expat Stefanie Fritze, Chief Marketing Officer at, Switzerland's leading digital real estate marketplace who moved to Switzerland from Germany a decade ago.

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