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and it STILL did not work – so that eliminates my LAMP stack / Wordpress and AWPCP as I KNOW it was working at that snapshot in time …..So I spoke to Mailjet who advised generating another secret key, which I did but that did not this must have been the root cause, I just needed to adjust the mail config to permit the use of …. I’m not sure when that change took place but it’s resolved now.Mailjet were not able to spot it – despite me asking them to check their logs – I only stumbled across it by chance.I tried it on an outlook account and the email went to junk. Got clients trying to register but they cant cause there’s no verification email.At the moment the Classifieds isnt working as people cant complete the registration process. Here is an article that would help you trace the issue You could also check with Hostgator and have them check your server logs regarding mails not coming out.This did not surprise me as when that was the problem first time around (when setting it up,) I was getting authentication errors.I was not getting that this time – the emails WERE getting through as you saw from /var/log/had a pending activation process to go through !?!

Hi cfgzxkyvc, If the AWPCP emails are being sent/triggered, then we might be able to check with your hosting company support and see why emails triggered by AWPCP are not coming out at all.I have a similar issue Version, WP 4.1.1, hosting is with Hostgator, not had any issues with other plugins.People are trying to register on the site and not getting the verification email.I could not access the email account to accept the email, but I allowed the whole *@domain and although there some errors, it ‘seems’ to be working again and emails are getting through.I remember that you said that an option had been changed to use wordpress and not the admin user …

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