Cindy margolis leighton already dating

:) On that cameo from yesterday, you need to be thinking international.#1 What greasy guy keeps mooching off other people.

In this latest incident the greased one convinced a regular guy to go to Vegas saying he would pay him back when they got there for anything regular guy spent.

It’s a formula all the whores are doing and Carmen Electra is one of the original piece of trash in Hollywood to get famous from her fake tits, so it was either do Dancing with the Stars or this, and since Dancing with the Stars doenst allow her to be naked sucking dick on camera which is all she really knows, she opted for this and I’m not complaining, just wish it happened a few decades ago instead of now, but a few decades ago the desperation just wasn’t there, since people still cared about her….

So I guess these two girls weren’t happy with the level of fame being in a Miss Universe Pageant got them back in 2008 because no one gives a fuck about Miss Universe Pageants, so they stepped it the fuck up by releasing the sex tape shot of them fucking the photographer last year at the Pageant in Vietnam and like all sex tapes, it has ended up on the internet.

I have however seen her vagina, and that grey meaty mess is fucking confusing as shit to me.

I’m really not sure how that happens to a girl and if I did, I’d write the E-Book to prevent it because it is almost enought to go gay.

She wasn’t someone anyone was jerking off to or wanted to watch fuck for any reason other than pure comedy.

So here she is posing with her DVD, since it’s all she’s done career-wise recently and I guess she’s excited about it, even if it was a serious ill-advised move…

So here’s a preview of her getting down…giving some blowjob…won’t see it anywhere else, cuz I’m just that relevant in the entertainment world when it comes to sex tapes….. Either way, here are some preview pics…Enjoy, not because they are Kendra but because they are an 18 year old, and an 18 willing to fuck on camera, no matter who she’s become or how pathetic she is now, is still an 18 year old on camera… So I’m sure it wasn’t as much of a success for her because she did the proven sex tape science all fucking wrong…you want to use a sex tape to revamp your career and make you money you have to be a girl who isn’t normally naked, or who hasn’t been naked for many years but guys still want to fuck you, like Pam Anderson did.Tila Tequila, although a lovely girl who probably just marketed herself as a piece of fucking trash internet whore, never deserved to be in any spotlight or on any TV.It was a glitch in the system when internet became mainstream and mainstream didn’t know how to deal, other than give all these seemingly popular people mainstream jobs, without realizing the logic behind why a half naked chick has millions of myspace fans, like the fact that she gets half naked and we’re perverts who like pretending we are friends with chicks who get half naked.Tila Tequila is holding on as hard as she fucking can and this fall from her peak is funny to me.Sure, I like watching people as much as the next guy, but when the person in question never deserved to be a position to fail in the first place, I really like watching them fail.

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Anya Ayoung Chee Hiroko Mima I am sure all of you motherfuckers have seen the Shauna Sand Sex Tape , because I know the download link was going around.

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