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In the last series there was this kind of big impending doom of ‘The old ones are coming, the old ones are coming’, what I like about this series is the enemy, or the big bad is so much more subtle, and so much more under their noses from the very start so that’s obviously where the hotel comes in quite a bit.What’s it been like to work with Phil Davis as the villainous Captain Hatch? I find myself watching him and then I’m like, ‘Oh shit, I’ve got to say something’.You’re not stuck in a grey cardigan at least KB: That’s it, at least I’ve got a jacket on.So how do Hal and Tom end up working at the hotel ('s major new location for series five)?

I think she sees Tom as like a brother to her, because obviously she’s not able to see her brothers and be with her brothers any more so all those feelings are placed onto Tom. Alex’s family don’t know she’s dead at the end of the last series; do they come into season five at all? DM: We had a great little kid playing your brother.And Alex is still wearing the same clothes every single time? Lunchtimes are the hardest, because I spill everything.I only have two copies of this outfit left, so I have to be really careful, it could be worse though.DM: He is this kind of hidden presence all the time.Even the actor, we find him just, walking down the stairs and you go, ‘oh Jesus’.

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