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To view this list follow the link at the top of this page. * On Monday the list of candidates in the running to become North Somerset councillors was released.While it may seem like the internet has won the sartorial shopping wars, many of the fashion-conscious among us are overwhelmed by the choice of attire online, by the prospect of entering our measurements or wary of ordering a dress only to send it back by post because it doesn't fit or suit us.Only half of Irish people purchased a product online last year, far below the UK average of 81pc, Eurostat, the European Union's statistics office, reported last month.Mainly because it’s a nod to the proper East End pie tradition through a bit of Cockney rhyming slang but also because we’ve always loved silly pie names and we thought Heidi was getting a little lonely. As well as Kevin, we’ve also got our Roots Manoova – a vegan and gluten free skillet of roast root vegetables, quinoa and red wine with a crisp potato top on the menu along with a cracking selection of vegan sides to enjoy it with (don’t say we don’t treat you).Yet, for a growing number of us, braving the rain and traffic to trudge round a suburban shopping centre or high street seems unnecessary in an era where you can browse for clothes on a smartphone from the comfort of our sofa over a glass of wine or shop online at our desk at lunchtime - and still look busy.Carrying the trusted Vegan Society trademark, Kevin has all the taste, texture and general deliciousness you’d find in any well-made British pie and is great for vegans and vegetarians looking for a quick dish to tuck into.And as plant-based eating grows in popularity in the UK, we’re hoping that this pie will not only appeal to the growing vegan community but also encourage others to give veganism a go.

The new floor will be home to an eatery under a roof light to create a space for shoppers to meet and eat during the day or for a glass of wine after work.

"It's all about creating a destination," Sealey says.

"If you want the customer to get in their car and make the journey to you, then you need to offer them something special." Brown Thomas's plans are a sure sign the digital economy is coming full circle, with the lines between online and offline becoming increasingly blurred.

We think that even the most carnivorous customers might be pleasantly surprised by Kevin.

After spending months creating the pie, it took almost as long to name it and after several office debates and plenty of umming and ahhing, we finally agreed on naming the pie Kevin after Kevin Keegan.

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