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"I was a postman for 48 years in Donegal in the hills, and I listened to these people talking and they always said if you get a very cold winter, and an east wind, it's a sign that our summer is going to be very good.

"It's an old people saying, that if you get a very cold winter, with an east wind. It's a great guide to what's coming and I hope I get it right." Michael added that the good weather won't hit until we're "well into May". At the beginning of May you'll see a big change of weather. At least the people of Cork won't be complaining about the storms or flooding...

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The baby's mother Louise James, who was the partner of Mr Mc Grotty and lost five members of her family, was not present during the accident.

An inquest in November 2017 concluded Mr Mc Grotty died by misadventure.

It later came to light his partner Ms James was suing the council after claiming the slipway at the pier should have been closed to the public. But legal experts are skeptical she will have a case.

She travelled to her home in Derry before going to Letterkenny University Hospital to see her surviving child and to identify the bodies of the rest of her family.

'My heart is shattered,' she said, as she described Mr Mc Grotty as a wonderful partner and adoring father and spoke of her 'disbelief, pain and anger'.

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Sean Mc Grotty (back left) and his sons Mark, 11, and Evan, eight (pictured front) died when the Audi they were in plunged off a pier and into the water.

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