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One of the traditional teachings of Christianity is to avoid the near occasion of sin.

There are few more important tasks that we can undertake as parents.If during this discernment period one party hears God speaking very clearly that this is not the person, that should be discussed openly and honestly with the other individual and perhaps any marriage mentor couples that may be assisting you during this discernment period.The first condition is that the young person has prayerfully discerned that they are called to the married life.Our teenage son and daughters have each sought our advice and assistance in navigating the complex waters of relationships.As our children grow older, entering into the teenage years, they have a natural desire to find someone to love and someone to love them back, unfortunately our societal structures have delayed the age of marriage to much later in life, and so our teenagers need to exercise the cardinal virtue of temperance and the secular virtue of patience.

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It is not impossible, in fact, it is essential to our happiness and success in relationships.

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