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The exhibition begins December 9The intimate photographs provide snapshots of multiple generations, romantic unions and alternative family structures, to name but a few.

He was also a film director noted for pioneering the 'blaxploitation' genre via the 1971 film Shaft.They show families that contrast with one another: both affluent and destitute, cohesive and fractured and expected and unexpected, for example.The museum notes: 'Taken together, the photographs challenge visitors to consider what family means to them.'Daily has seen 18 of the photographs in advance of the exhibition.This photograph of Mr and Mrs Steve Mills was taken at Boston's Pilgrim Theatre in 1973.The theatre was an infamous burlesque house in a part of Downtown Boston that was then an adult entertainment district known as the Combat Zone.

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This photograph of singing twins was taken around 1948 at WDIA, a radio station in Memphis, Tennessee Nicholas Nixon also took this 2006 photograph, called Tammy Hindle, which appears in the exhibition.

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  1. Similarly, Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones research calculates that committing to a life partner can add 3 years to life expectancy (Researchers Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler have found that men’s life expectancy benefits from marriage more than women’s do.) The support offered by a caring friend can provide a buffer against the effects of stress.