Dating younger women for men over 30

And I know when I travel to Utah, I meet 30 year olds with teenagers.

So while the actual age may be different, the real question is, Okay, here we go! After a while, she realizes that she doesn’t want all of that attention.

You remain perplexed, as is the wont of your beta male class.

– The over-30 woman fell in love with her career and the alpha male bosses she answers to before she fell in love with you. But all these reasons pale in importance to the fact that a man marrying an over-30 woman is investing everything he has in a rapidly depreciating pleasure provider that has already lost a lot of its aesthetic value.

So the dating pool of good men has shrunken significantly.

If you want to build a dynasty, your over-30 wife might stall out at 1.3 heirs.But after all those years of having guys approach her, she realizes that she has no idea how to actually go out and find a guy herself! Well, in its simplest form, she has to learn how to be approachable again. But if you are constantly out there, meeting people, having fun, becoming more interesting, it’s going to make it much easier for luck to find you!I’m definitely not saying she’s gotta throw herself at guys, that’s needy and desperate and men can smell that a mile away. That is, make sure your arms aren’t crossed, stand erect, have an open and inviting look with a little smile on your face, and turn your body towards what interests you. For instance, if you’re talking to him, do something like this, “Oh you like live music too? You know what, why don’t you find a cool band for us to go to next weekend! By doing this, you are assuring him that he’s not going to get rejected. Not saying that she does this with everyone, but she learns to send out that “I’m not interested” body language.So she does this for years while she works and dates and lives her life.

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