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You’ll connect with the good ones and pass on the duds. In this call, I’ll cover where to look and where you can stop looking because your love isn’t there.

Meeting face to face is harder today than ever before.

You throw up a profile, choose your more flattering picture, and wait for men to come to you.

If his profile isn’t full of shirtless bathroom selfies and he’s relatively non-murderous, you’ll get drinks.

“Picking the right person for the right reasons at the right time is an art form.” Dr.

Do you want to share life with a special person yet the thought of dating stops you?

Does the worry of another relationship not working out keep you from dating whether you'd like to start dating now or in the future.

You’ll learn a healing exercise you can take with you throughout the series and beyond.

We’ll make sure you’re ready for your next big love.

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