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During the 7-Module program you will receive life-changing insights, such as: No matter what your age or circumstances, no matter your body type or the challenges you face – these lessons apply to your life.And please note that this course welcomes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. His If you are truly ready for big, heart opening, lasting romantic love, I highly recommend Ken Page’s work.Since its inception in 2004, Deeper Dating has caught fire.Time Out New York has called it the “New Craze Dating Event.” Why has it been so successful?However, the world of dating can often feel like a soul-sucking waste of time.And too often, it doesn’t lead us any closer to our dream relationship with a beloved life partner.It’s time to learn a more authentic, heart-felt and vulnerable approach to dating – one in which you don’t have to wait to grow, enjoy and explore UNTIL you have your life-mate.Instead, you make every moment an opportunity for becoming more nakedly, beautifully, powerfully YOU.

It’s really at the core of a fulfilling life, which is why we spend SO much time and energy pursuing it.And that the parts of your personality that you think you must , Ken will take you on a step-by-step journey to reprogram your beliefs, habits and attitudes around dating.And, the beauty of this journey is that the focus will NOT be on fixing yourself – it will be on honoring and expressing your innate gifts. Instead of holding the whip of self-improvement over yourself (as many of us have spent so much time doing), you will learn to value, trust and express who you really are.So, how do you instead create a path to love that can lead you to deep intimacy AND allow who YOU truly are to come forth?Psychotherapist Ken Page, LCSW, has developed proven methods for helping you navigate the dating world as nothing other than yourself.

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And you find yourself developing the real and nourishing foundations of intimacy, building the foundations for the love you truly desire.

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