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He didn't want me to call an ambulance, but eventually he let me. One minute I'm running to the church, the next I'm running from it.At first they wanted to quarantine him because they thought it was TB. I had a photo-shoot the next day but I stayed until he fell asleep at seven in the morning and then ran home, grabbed my stuff and went to the shoot, trying to be my normal self. But one thing I am convinced of is that me and Tyrone's paths crossed by divine order.Whether you are 15 or 50, this book has something to help you navigate the waters and keep you from drowning in love's cesspool If you truly want to be 'coupled' and not single.Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the Beast Master?

As I don't drink, I said to him, "The first thing you can do is get me an orange juice and then we will talk." "Orange juice? My friend Luce had given him a fluffy gorilla and he loved it.Tyrone had pneumonia and was transferred to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. He was there for ages and when he came out he was very weak. It was about this time that he wrote to my family to explain what was going on. Him coming into my life has heightened my spirituality because even though he's not here, I can still feel him sometimes.He was terrified that my family would be repulsed by him. I will say something and it is like he's speaking through me.At the time I was just finishing off my third album, Who I Am, which was going to be released the following March. I was still trying to work and, one Sunday morning, I was live on Channel 4. So I'm going to sing this to you now so you know how it will sound at the funeral." And then I said goodbye. It was about 10 to five when the nurse came and said, "I need you." He was just lying there. Finally, he looked like he was getting some proper sleep. Knowing Tyrone has made me a different human being in many ways.I had this feeling that it was a piece of work that was going to change my career, so I was in the calm period before the storm of the album coming out. I've got two bedrooms." No thought, just pure impulse. I'd been raised in a pretty strict Pentecostal Christian house. But even though I was raised in a fundamentalist home, I was raised with intelligent parents who encouraged me, my brother and sister to ask questions. Even though they still hold to their beliefs, I remain very close to my family. They still frown at some of the things I do, but they recognise it is my choice. My dad, who has views on everything, adored Tyrone. I got ready in the hospital loos, put on my make-up, angled the television so he could watch it, and went off to the studio. Generally, I don't speak about my private life as I don't think it is relevant - most of what you want to know about me is in the songs I write.

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