End dating violence

Many domestic abusers report having been sexually, physically, or emotionally abused as a child or teenager.

Additionally, a teenager who commits teen dating violence may also face serious criminal consequences.

Teens mimic behaviors they see on screen, so it is not uncommon for teens to think the unhealthy relationships that are portrayed are normal or just a part of life everyone is subject to deal with.

This belief is amplified if teens are witness to violent, abusive, or unhealthy relationships at home.

Social media is a hotbed of violent and abusive activity, especially for teenagers who are new to relationships and unsure of how to handle their feelings most appropriately.

One in three teenagers – nearly 1.5 Million – in a romantic relationship admits to being in an unhealthy relationship.

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A first step in preventing violence is better understanding its magnitude, nature, and consequences.

Once a milestone reserved for high schoolers, romantic relationships have slowly begun to bloom earlier in teens’ lives, sometimes as early as the age of 12 or 13.Teenage romantic relationships are more likely to turn violent when: Teens are also sponges – they absorb what they see and hear in the world around them.Violence in entertainment is everywhere and, unfortunately, has been normalized.If teens are afraid of punishment from their parents they may not speak out when in need.Encourage a line of communication that doesn’t have strings or punishments attached.

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