Error updating bootrom

You may re-install the Flex Port module(s) after successfully completing the OS and Boot ROM update.

RECOVERY STEPS: If you perform an OS update on a system which has the listed modules installed and encounter the issue, the unit may be recovered by manually completing three system boot-up sequences as described within this document.

When performing an OS update from KB. that also includes a Boot ROM update beyond KB., the switch may fail to complete the update process.

In the case that the update fails (i) the unit will halt during boot-up and remain in a state where all LEDs remain on, and (ii) if the serial console is attached and active during the boot-up sequence, the console will display a message similar to the following: ATTENTION : This release includes an important upgrade. Please contact HP Networking Support for further assistance.

For information on best practices when updating software or rolling back to previous versions of software, see the "Best practices for software updates" section of the HPE Aruba OS-Switch Basic Operations Guide.

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