Faulty fossil dating

In discussing these questions, we encounter some ...*The age of the earth and the geologic record--Science claims that the earth is 3-5 billion years old, based on various factors such as the age of rock formations, the fossil record, various dating methods, etc.While there is room for some difference of opinion among Bible-believing Christians about the creation account, there is not unrestricted room.Since some of the views being espoused by professing Christians seem to be motivated by the desire to harmonize the Bible with the claims of evolution, we need to raise some questions about evolutionary theory and define the limits for interpreting the biblical record.

Study authors note that more research is still needed in this area to better detect and treat these conditions before they develop.*Evolution--Science claims that all life evolved from a single lower form over billions of years, with man being the highest form.The Bible is clear that human beings, at the very least, and probably all of the other forms of life, are the special creation of God.Hospital tests revealed that Owen was living with the inherited heart condition hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and was fitted with an ICD (an implantable cardioverter defribrillator).As HCM is an inherited heart condition, the rest of Owen’s family have now been tested and it was revealed that his father and younger brother Riley (aged seven) are carrying the faulty gene.

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