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If you get random contact requests I suggest declining unless you've been informed who this contact was previously.

I think I should learn about your lifestyle and hobbies and everything. :) @sweet1993 One of the moderators took it down, I'm sorry.

You sound very innocent and I don't want you to end up in the wreckless lifestyle of many Americans. Plus some people do things online they wouldn't do in person.

I love my country, but many people make it so pathetic. There is no need to answer any questions you feel uncomfortable with, and It's a good idea to keep in mind some people start with stuff that's a little bit of a grey area to 'test the waters' - ie. Hearing more about why you are doing this, I do hope you find people who you can comfortably converse with! It's just the behaviour of a few men who want an easy target.

I want to ask my question but I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask it or not. As I want to study in US, I decided to talk to american people in order to improve my speaking.

until now I have had face to face conversation (with skype) with two american guys.

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