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The next was Rei, her long midnight hair only added to the girls beauty, her piercing violet eyes able to make any man weak at the knees, she's definitely grown into a beautiful women, her atire that of a business women, her tight black pencil skirt and matching blazer gave a fierce and determined appearance, who was followed by the shortest in the group a women with dark blue hair tied up in a tight bun, a pair of small glasses rested on her nose giving her an even more sophisticated look to the brilliant Amii.

He toke it all in, it was now a bar, the old gaming center's now gambling machines, the both's where young teenagers would gather and gossip no longer the neon plastic red but now a deep blue material. Darien walked up to the bar, no longer the brightly colored menu pictures behind but a list of alcoholic beverages and food.What happens when the one person who tormented you for so long finally returned?ts been 5 years since she'd seen the irritating jerk yet her first instinct was to kiss him fiercely!Andrew was over the moon to have his old friend back and surprised, Darien never mentioned coming home at all. Darien was about to ask Andrew how he'd changed the arcade into a bar when a young blonde of 21 ran in jumping over the bar and hugging Andrew"Hey Sexy, my recording session finished early want to have some fun before the guys turn up?" She whispered seductively in Andrew's ear, completely unaware of the dark haired guy sitting at the bar.

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A man of Darien's age with Sandy blonde hair wiping over the bar looked up at the stranger"What can I getcha? " Darien smiled at his old high school friend"Bloody Hell! " Andrew began asking."Slow down Andrew, can I have a beer first?

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