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Asking the right kind of questions is the key in getting to know a guy well. ~ Have you always been this good looking or are you just trying to impress me? ~ If a huge inheritance came your way, what would you do? ~ What is the most romantic thing you've done for a girl? ~ Have you ever had any strong feelings for anyone before? ~ Would you ever consider being in a long distance relationship? ~ Did you ever think we would end up dating and get into a serious relationship? ~ What if I say no to a live-in relationship and want marriage instead? And there you have it -- a good mix of some of the most fun, serious and random questions that you can get your hands on.

When such questions are put forth, a guy's responses can give the girl a glimpse into his character and outlook. ~ What would happen if a girl you really liked turned you down? ~ Are you the more dominating one in a relationship? ~ Is there anything you would like me to change about myself? With the several mediums that you can use them in, it's one great list to have -- for some fun and get to know the guy better.

Dating can be quite scary and many of us begin to perspire with the idea of matchmaking although there is no need for that.

These fun questions also arm girls to take initiative and equip them to override the first few awkward minutes together.

As we all know, dating is not always an enjoyable thing to do.

It is quite easy to go on a date with a girl or a boy, especially if somebody's main objective is to look for someone special.

For many girls, approaching a guy they like is the biggest hurdle - let alone chatting or conversing on a common topic. Though you might want to get to the really intimate and personal questions, it's important that you build a rapport and become friends before you fire these off. ~ If you had a week to live, how would you spend it? If you're interested in a guy, the idea is to let him know in subtle ways. ~ Do you believe in the forever and forever kind of love? ~ Do you hate giving/having pet names in a relationship? ~ What do you answer when people ask you where our relationship is headed?

But what if one is armed with some of the best fun questions to ask a guy? This article gives the choicest questions that any girl can use to walk up to any guy she likes and hold his attention for as long as she wants. ~ I like talking to handsome guys, do you share the same sentiment for hot girls? For me, it's coming to talk to you.~ I am an extrovert, what about you? The following questions will help you to get to know the kind of person that he is.~ How do you spend a typical Sunday? ~ If you were offered a job that paid you a lot of money, but you had to spend a year somewhere isolated and you couldn't be in touch with anyone, would you take it? ~ What if you woke up one day and were able to read minds. The problem with guys is their tendency to run away from good things, so these questions will help you gauge his interest in you.~ What was your first impression of me? ~ What happens if you have to choose between your career and a girl? ~ Do you ever experience feelings of jealousy when you're in a relationship? ~ If you had a crush on someone, would you make the first move? ~ Have you ever felt like hitting any of my male colleagues/friends for being friends with me?

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