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If rumours are to be believed Yuvraj Singh is all set to play on the wedding fields.

Hope you get married soon ;)." While Yuvraj tries to maintain the secrecy over his wedding another fiery Inidian batsman is all set to tie the knot.

Geeta Basra’s baby shower ceremony was a special one. Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra who were dating for over five years, tied the knot on October 29, 2015.

The wedding was a grand affair witnessed by many leading celebs from Bollywood and also members from cricket fraternity.

The couple"s friends have been telling them to take the relationship to another level for a while now.

So when Geeta was invited to the wedding, it served as a trip to meet his parents.

The report further states the baby and the mother is is doing great.

Apparently the overwhelmed grandmother congratulated the parents (Harbhajan and Geeta) over the phone.

Former Mumbai Indians captain Harbhajan Singh seems to be enjoying the fact that his Indian Premier League team have become the first and only team till now to have qualified for the playoffs.

The family members have not released any picture of the baby yet.

Harbhajan Singh’s mother Avtar Kaur revealed this good news to Dainik Bhaskar.

Do you even know that when I was driving far far away from home through beautiful south India? because of a punctured tyre of our Bentley at a three-starrish hotel. As soon as he saw me, he tried to hide his face under a red cap. And if I hear anything more about our cricket stars, I might just wear pads (eeee), a helmet and knock out sixers myself.

Meaning, the hotel was very ewwww, not the kind I’d want to be seen in. Talk is that Yuvraj Singh, Ajay Jadeja and Ashish Nehra are currently having the time of their lives in Goa. Mottu, who can be trusted to know everyone who’s no one in tinsel town, reports that there is a gent called Jassi Walia, brother to Bunty, who’s really trying to get into the good books of Manyata Dutt. Saif’s got himself a duplex that really looks cushy.

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