Gta 4 dating guide ps3

Repeat this process as it is one of the fastest ways to earn weapon skill in the game.

To check your progress with weapon skill, switch to the weapon that you want to check and then go to STATS in the menu and then go down to WEAPONS.

Be careful not to get too close though because you WILL burn, and if you don't move fast around the time the fire goes out the money disapears. Honk your horn at them and wait until they enter your vehicle, then drive somewhere and you will begin receiving head and she will get on top of you. There is an Annihilator helicopter landed on Francis International Airport in Dukes.

When you enter the airport, go all the way to the north-west side, the helicopter is there most of the time, not always though.

Go down the sloped wall of the aqueduct and head left.

On an incline underneath the bridge, you'll find a handy vest.

Kill as many as you can find to build up your cash stash quickly.

To earn some easy weapon skill, go and practice with an AK-47 before starting this mission until you reach Gangster level.

You can dual-wield a variety of weapons if you reach the gun rank of "Hitman" while using them.Anytime you kill a drug dealer, you will net 00.Drug dealers normally wear black jackets and stand still waiting for people to talk to them.Hit police cars, run over people, skip a toll booth and you will not gain any stars.Second is find a quite place and blow it up, money goes flying everywhere.

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