Herpes dating toronto

If approximately 25 percent of the world has herpes, you’ve almost definitely slept with at least one person infected with it if your sex partner head count is 4 or more.

Some people only ever get the initial painful outbreak and then remain asymptomatic for the rest of their lives, while others break out as frequently as six or seven times a year.

You’ll just have to ride out the 1 to 2-week period in which your genitals feel like a self-destructing abandoned war zone with detonating landmines left behind by former occupants of the territory.

Think of your genitals as Chernobyl: it’s gonna be a while before anyone wants to settle in or drop by for a visit.

Herpes hurts like a b*tch and there’s not much you can do about it Herpes sores hurt because they’re actually causing nerve damage, infecting the cells in your nerves and killing them.

Topical creams don’t really help the itch of the sitch either.

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