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An unequal wealth distribution is to be expected, but there is a more interesting question: What is the degree of this unequal wealth distribution and how does this inequality compare to other economies?To answer that question we are first going to need some data (and a nerd to analyze it).To do this, I decided to treat Tinder as an economy and study it as an economist (socio-economist) would.

The most important data I needed was the percent of men that these females tended to “like”.

I think this is the biggest flaw in this analysis, but currently there is no other way to analyze the data.

There are also two reasons to believe that useful trends can be determined from these data even with this flaw.

So I took to Gchat and got a healthy sampling of human male opinions on the matter. I'm a comedian, so being with someone who makes me want to be funnier and pushes me to be funnier is hot to me.

It becomes a back and forth, a game, trying to out-funny each other. There's biting funny, which can be imposing whether it's a guy or a woman. Guy III: I wouldn't say funny women are intimidating, I think it's a huge-turn on, but if they are (a) way funnier than you or (b) being funny by way of making fun of you, it can be somewhat disconcerting.

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