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Process id = XXXX, Thread id = XXXXX Click OK to terminate the application. After clicking OK , RFT installation would be carried out; however you will not be able launch RFT on the machine. Install base version of RFT ( RFT 8.6 , or Windows Registry Editor, under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Rational Software\Rational Test path, Rational FT Net Assembly Name key would not have created. Ignore the error popup message during installation. Take a backup of the file present in RFT bin directory located in directory file and replace it with the one obtained from IBM 4.Many times the data that is sent or received appears undecipherable and impossible to understand.

By using these online tools almost any POST content or response data can be decoded and formatted to make it easy to read which means easy to work with when doing data correlation in RPT.Web App Impl.initialize(Web App Impl.java:425) at ws.webcontainer.webapp.Web Group Web Application(Web Group Impl.java:88) at ws.webcontainer.Deployed Application Deployed Object Start(Deployed Application Impl.java:1370) at ws.runtime.component.Deployed Module Impl.start(Deployed Module Impl.java:639) at ws.runtime.component.

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To resolve the error during installation you can try following the below procedures 1. Launch command prompt with ' Run as Administrator' privilege and navigate to the bin directory. Run and confirm that Rational FT Net Assembly Name key is getting generated.

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