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state in the southwestern region of the United States.

It is the sixth largest and the 14th most populous of the 50 states. Arizona's border with Mexico is 389 miles (626 km) long, on the northern border of the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California.

At Embry-Riddle, you'll get hands-on experience from the time you get to campus. The bonds our students develop in the classrooms and residence halls last a lifetime and our Alumni Association works to connect alumni with one another and with hundreds of employers around the globe.

As the world’s largest and most respected university specializing in aviation and aerospace, Embry-Riddle has been at the forefront of ground-breaking aeronautical milestones since the early days of flight.

Bonny Simi, Jet Blue The quality of the students that we see coming out of ERAU is very high, thus when we interview students from the school, we tend to have a higher success rate than we do with many other schools. Design airlines, networks and fleets to maximize profitability.

After thorough examination by the Aeronautics Branch of the U. Department of Commerce, Embry-Riddle’s Flying School becomes one of the first five schools in the country to receive an “Approved School Certificate” under the Air Commerce Act. Later in the decade, the university opens a residential campus in Prescott, AZ.

About one-quarter of the state is made up of Indian reservations that serve as the home of 27 federally recognized Native American tribes, including the Navajo Nation, the largest in the state and the United States, with more than 300,000 citizens.

Although federal law gave all Native Americans the right to vote in 1924, Arizona excluded those living on reservations from voting until its state Supreme Court ruled in 1948 in favor of Native American plaintiffs.

There’s a round table with all the TV monitors and a giant touch table.

Ashley Ross, Aerospace Engineering I worked at NASA Ames Research Center on wind tunnel testing for Black Hawk Helicopters. I got to fly the world's first vertical motion simulator-the simulator they use to help train astronauts how to fly the shuttle-and I got paid for all of it.

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