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Oh, looking it up the night of and picking out what I'm going to eat before I get there so I can hear all your wonderful stories from the week ASAP? She already knows what she's going to order because this chick plans ahead. I love when a guy tries to make vague plans with me for later in the week and expects me to block off that night and hold it on the off chance that he makes good on his promise of plans with me. I sometimes don't have time to shower or tweeze my eyebrows, so if I'm regularly taking time to hang out with you, even if it's as simple as chilling in the park, I'm absolutely crazy about you. "Rumor has it that his package is a bit large and I guess Nancy wanted to see for herself if it was true. She got pregnant and Roger told her the kid wasn't his and to fuck off.By the time Nancy had the baby we had graduated and Roger had joined the Army and was long gone. All you have to do is hang in there." By age seven I was wearing glasses because of near-sightedness and the taunts changed to "Four-eyed fatso." When I came home from school in a downer of a mood because of it my mom asked me what was wrong.

When my sister asked why I was so down I told her what had happened. She'll get what's coming to her for being a bitch to you." And she did.

It seemed like Paulie changed boyfriends about as often as I changed my socks and each one she had was a loser.

Once I asked my sister why I couldn't get anywhere with Pauline.

I was talking to my Uncle Bob about it and got the "Hang in there Frank; you'll get your chance." One Friday night in a game against Weston Danny wasn't doing well and the coach said "Dalton!

Get in there for Marks" and I never sat on the bench again.

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