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She knew how to speak both English and the Creek language. The Creeks and colonists used the trading post to shop and sell their goods. They opened a trading post near the Savannah River.Pirates manager Clint Hurdle revealed over the weekend that Nova reported discomfort after his most recent start on Thursday.He originally suffered the injury while fielding a ground ball back on April 25, but the issue has lingered. Nick Kingham will be called up to start Tuesday against the Cubs.Chris Martin decides to spend Easter with his ex-wife as his ex-girlfriend begins dating another Chris in Hollywood.

In 1733, General John Oglethorpe landed in Savannah to start the Colony of Georgia. Mary helped Oglethorpe write treaties between the Native Americans and colonists. Mary Musgrove was the key to the peaceful beginning of the city of Savannah and the Colony of Georgia.But another news awaited Coldplay singer this Easter.Over the weekend, it was revealed that his ex-girlfriend, Annabelle Wallis, whom he briefly dated a few years ago, is now dating an actor that shares his first name, Chris Pine.Martin isn't well-known, but he hit .278/.332/.487 with 18 homers and 16 steals between High-A and Double-A last season.The 22-year-old was an eighth-round pick of the Astros in 2013.

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