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Had it not been for that war James and Martha would never have met.Martha became a teacher at the Spring Grove school where her efforts were always praised by the provincial school inspector.There are countless significant roles that women have played in aviation history that will provide a rich bounty of fascinating human stories that the Classic Fighters Airshow team are itching to tell.All supported from a unique and comprehensive collection of exotic aircraft and related props and sets, coming together for what promises to be an exceptional weekend of entertainment! Please follow our Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter feed to keep up to date with our latest news and announcements. About the Marlborough Region, Getting there, Attractions, Accommodations & Travel Packages History of Classic Fighters Omaka, how it all came about, why we have an airshow, our philosophy, aims & goals.We also work to improve the health and resilience of both society and businesses by providing research and consultancy services to government, businesses and communities.We do a significant amount of work relating to increasing the resilience of our urban areas to natural hazards, and making cities more liveable.For example, the first method invented to detect individual nuclear particles by electrical means, the Rutherford-Geiger detector, evolved into the Geiger-Muller tube.

Through brilliantly conceived experiments, and with special insight, he explained the perplexing problem of radioactivity as the spontaneous disintegration of atoms (they were not necessarily stable entities as had been assumed since the time of the ancient Greeks), he determined the structure of the atom and he was the world's first successful alchemist (he converted nitrogen into oxygen).

The Classic Fighters Airshow has a proud history of entertaining large numbers of visitors with cleverly themed airshows dating back nearly two decades.

In years past, the event has paid tribute to the ANZACS, to Aviation in the Movies, to 'Racing through Time' both in the air and on the ground, along with many WW2 theatre-themes such as France, North Africa and Italy.

As a boy Ernest was surrounded by hard-working people with technical skills. and arrived in New Plymouth in 1855 as a thirteen-year old.

She was evacuated to Nelson in 1860 during the Taranaki Land War.

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