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Too many women want to try and make this a complex issue and discuss it (ad nauseam) from every possible angle. You are not serving Christ but Satan and Christ (if you even know Him) is severely grieved by your wretchedly SINFUL behavior. You cannot even fathom the amount and depth of damage that you are doing to your husband, your marriage, your children and consequently… This is yet another area where women are their own worst enemies!Women have a thousand excuses for why they don’t “want” or “feel” like having sex with their husbands but when you blow away all of the smoke and smash all of the mirrors it all boils down to just… If you engage in this wretchedly sinful behavior, you are heaping tons of damage and pain and suffering on yourselves and everyone you claim to love most!Both of these needs were God created so if you despise them, you are despising God.Even if you give your husband all of the sex he wants and his physical needs are met, if you do not emotionally participate (rather just give him Duty Sex), his emotional needs are still not met and no intimacy will be created between the two of you. You have to give YOURSELF COMPLETELY (physically and emotionally) to your husband for God’s blessings to be realized.– You have beautiful hands that I don’t doubt they deliver amazing pleasure with your caresses).I could go on even more about you, your website, your insights…you truly blew me away and opened my eyes to things I am going through right now, it helped me in more ways than you can imagine…to that I say…THANK YOU!

How fully and how often do you give yourself sexually to him?You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.I like to cuddle but I of course like to let my hands wander over her body and love to feel her ample portions, and at some point, hoping that it might lead to something but she is just not interested in the sexual portion of cuddling anymore, or sex for that matter.For now, I will continue to take care of things myself (in the hopes that my wife’s libido will return) and I am especially thankful for your pictures (especially the one where you are wearing a green/teal g-string…you have a beautifully ample rump and the closeup of your hand is amazing!!

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Lots of men will just fake it and apologize when they are not even in the wrong and force themselves to do nice things like the dishes or vacuum and pretend to show kindness toward you…

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