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The father warmly receives the guests, slaughters a ram or goat and serves a sumptuous lunch to the visiting guests.

Sweetmeats are also distributed among the young and old alike.

For most of the time during the day, the child is kept in a swinging cradle, which is in common use all over the sub-continent. The child entirely belongs to the mother, she feeds it, at least, for two years and makes every possible endeavour to protect it from the malignant eye or the glance of evil spirits.

They bring presents, including clothes for the infant and also offer some money.A pious woman, preferably mother of several sons, administers this liquid compound to the child.Within seven days of the birth, the child is named (noom shovana) as Ayub, Ali, Ishaq, Yaqoob, Aisha, Fatima etc as the custom of naming children after the Prophets, particularly Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and his companions, is very common. The infant is wrapped in swaddling clothes with his hands tied to his body.It is generally believed that both mother and child are susceptible to the influence of genii etc during the first forty days.The mother refrains from doing any work for a week and she resumes her usual occupations after a lapse of 40 days.

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