Realistic conflict in interracial dating

Some people in places where poly marriages are illegal and unions aggressively persecuted may also wear black wedding rings on the right or left ring fingers.The struggle is still on for many consenting adults to be able to live together in peace.This is especially so if the ring has any brain teaser/special optical effects.This may be someone who is anti penis, or someone who is so into your penis on shrooms.So it isn’t really safe to assume things about someone just from looking. So approach anyone with respect, and find a respectful way to inquire what someone’s situation is to prevent sudden traumatic tooth loss.The ring symbolism thing isn’t just about marketing.Because the “sign of the horns” may mean The Horned One, or “I’m horny,” though, it may mean that the guy is willing to shag your wife or girlfriend and let you watch. A black onyx stone could mean mafia connection, or that the person is very confident or trying to increase their confidence. A black ring with a real ruby, especially a star ruby is likely worn by a spiritual polyamorous person who is aware of ruby’s filtering properties.

Some find this somewhat tacky or scary and implying that one is searching (desperately) for love though, so they’ll opt for just an infinity or infinite loop type styles.The open ring was a thing for some, but others felt that this implied that their marriage or relationship was broken.Some polyamory indicating rings may be more subtle than others.A black ring on any other finger of the right hand could indicate that someone is a swinger or polyamorous. This particular trend may be transforming or phasing out now that some celebrities and high status people have come out of the side-chick closet.Now we have the Infinity Ring in varying forms, to delineate the polyamorous from the party/casual swingers.

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This makes sense, as the middle finger is the “diddle” finger for most people, and wearing a ring on it could mean they are not using and therefore free to ornament that part of themselves, or so in love with their middle finger that they are monogamous to it.

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