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birthday when the first sexual abuse incident occurred.

Despite his difficult family situation, Frank was a straight A-student before the abuse. That day in early August, he was at the rectory for a private religious instruction class with the priest. Cipolla had invited him on a three-day trip to visit the Henry Ford Museum at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI with three or four other young boys from the parish.

The home’s atmosphere of fear and anxiety was occasionally broken by short intervals of relative peace which allowed everyone a breather before the next hit.

In the end, Tom took his own life with a prescription drug overdose, but while that tragedy was still yet in the distant future, another tragedy was waiting on the front stoop of the Thompson apartment in the form of a Catholic priest named Fr. Into this unbelievably untenable set of circumstances rode Father Cipolla like a knight in shining armor on a white horse entering the lists to do battle with Satan. It was almost a form of prestige to have a personal connection with the Church, especially in the Catholic area where we lived,” Diana said.

The main topic up for discussion was our mutual nemesis, Bishop Donald W.

Wuerl, Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, and currently Archbishop of Washington, D. I was researching the bishop’s background for my chapter on the late Cardinal John J.

The noise and confusion in Tom’s head made it impossible for him to tolerate any noise by the children.

He drank to help him remain calm, but the alcohol interacted with his medications including his anti-psychotic meds, causing fits of paranoia and physical violence.

Relations between Tom and his two stepchildren, Frank and Betty Labiaux, by a previous marriage, were never good. By the time of the move, however, he had also lost interest in his own two sons, Tucker and Bernie.Part II – “Profile of A Pederast” covers the clerical background of Fr.Cipolla and provides insights into his troubled past that should have served as red flags to four consecutive bishops of the Pittsburgh Diocese from 1969 to 2006, but tragically, did not.Our conversations, which were generally short but friendly, always included a recounting of his deteriorating health and the many injustices he suffered under Bishop Wuerl. Prophetically, she nixed the Cipolla appointment after a brief luncheon interview conducted at the behest of the pastor.I received a phone call from my dear and trusted friend Mary Henry who was living in the Camden Diocese. Cipolla when he was trying to get a teaching position with home schoolers at a newly-formed Traditional parish in N. I had forgotten about that meeting except for the fact that the conversation added another red flag to my Cipolla list – Why would a priest accused of pederasty, that is homosexual contact with a young adolescent boy, on more than one occasion, seek out a position which would bring him in immediate contact with young adolescent boys? Cipolla was a Novus Ordo priest and did not know how to say or pray the Traditional Mass.

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