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They all loved my ‘prima ballerina’ outfit and complimented me on it.

All I could do was ‘strut’ around and ‘giggle’ like a 12 year old girl (tee-hee).

It didn’t take long before mom noticed how clumsy and unfeminine I was.

After several weeks of that mom was satisfied and she dressed me in my first uniform and took me to the school to meet the instructors and the other girls.

I just loved the girlie ballerina lessons having someone to talk too.

I would strut around shaking my ‘booty’ excessively trying to impress them that I was a girl just like them. But things went well after the first day, when I settled down and actually met the girls.

But my secret was out, mom had told the instructors, who then told all the girls (and other sissy’s) that I was really Brian and not really ‘Brenda’ as I had registered. They even introduced me to ‘Suzie’, another ‘girlie-boy like me, who I immediately liked.

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He was a year ahead of me so he helped me with my moves.

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