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On the appropriate night, you drive to a local venue, perhaps a coffee shop, pay the very reasonable fee (much cheaper than popcorn and a movie for two), and then tell the organizer your age range, which might be 20-29, 30-39, or 40 and up.

Each age range is awarded a specific time block in the evening in which to mingle with the opposite sex.

Mark each date on the scorecard – Following each introduction, participants mark on their scorecard whether or not they would be interested in having a real date with the other person. After the game – Once the speed dating ends, the organizers check the scorecards and match up which partners have mutual interest in each other.

Exchange of phone numbers is done by the speed dating organizer provided the request conditions are met.

Read the Speed Dating Games to find out how it works.

To begin with, the event is usually advertised and singles that want to participate gather at a café or bar.

Each player is given a nametag (either containing your real name or a screen name) and a scorecard.

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Each date is timed – A timer that allows you to spend a fixed amount of minutes (ranging from four to eight) with each companion rules the game.

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