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No not one of those two way conversations that some people would certify me as psychologically "nuts" just those kind of thoughts about things we need help with or hope for in order to make ourselves and the world a better place. I put my life in your hands." I wish I could explain this in better detail.

At one point in this prayer/meditation, I simply said, "God, I can't do this anymore. Over the last twelve years I've never been able to find the words to communicate the physical and mental experience, which happened after I let go.

The startup business operation was slow, but that was O. As all relationships begin, I believed she could be the one. I was miserable but at the time didn't realize how down I was on life. No one around to talk with and no where to go, I decided to go to church... I was raised Catholic and although not a bible thumper, I respected its values and never found hatred or directed anger towards the church as some people recently have found.Upon letting go, there was a bolt of energy, which began at my toes and rifled upward throughout my body.It exploded out the top of my head like a bolt of lighting.I have shared this experience with only a few people who have been close to me or people who I thought needed words of hope where I could not find logical advice to help them in their time of need.I was 26 years old and had been living in NYC for about a year. In such a lonely city of people who long to have friendships, I was good to go.

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Why is it that all of our efforts create absolutely no results sometimes?

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