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Discover our award-winning strategy, simulation, and role-playing games and test yourself against millions of other players worldwide. Home state: Oregon Favorite Food: Thai Favorite Sketch: The Great British Bake Off: Tarts When Whitney was in high school, she felt like an “awkward dork.” “My parents told me that when I went to college, guys would be interested in a mature, smart woman,” Whitney says.And for young kids in the Church, I hope we’re sending the message that you don’t have to associate being Mormon with being held back or being boring.You can go for your dreams and be successful, and the gospel will only help you.“And that’s when Stephen was like, ‘Do you want to get married? ” Now the two share a career, a house and two pet goats.

From my personal experience, the best thing I could tell you is to have fun.

Join the cast--including Whitney Call, Mallory Everton, Jason Gray, and Matt Meese--to enjoy more hilarious sketches and characters.

One of BYUtv's most popular original series, the sketch-comedy show Studio C, brings you memorable characters like Scott Sterling, the Bisque Man, and the Awkward Avoidance Viking.

Your stuff is just bad if you’re doing it with any other motivation than to have a good time.

Goodgame Studios is a leading software company and specializes in developing and publishing free-to-play games.

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I really love that collaborative aspect of what we’re doing. It’s funny how we can all (myself included, of course) sing along to the foulest lyrics imaginable as long as the beat is hefty and the chorus is catchy.

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