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If you would like to republish this story or these photos, please contact me via email or Twitter.In Search of Ukrainian Summer Romance: Inside Anastasia’s Odessa Odyssey by Andrew Mc Millen “This is a situation that very few men in the world have ever been in, to walk into a place where there’s no pretence about what everybody is there for.” We’re in a seaside city called Odessa, in south Ukraine.Larry tells us that 45 men have signed on for this tour; a statement which seems strange, as over the next seven days we follow the tour, we never see more than 30 at any one time.One can only assume that their reasons for attending lie somewhere on the spectrum between searching for casual sex and lifelong commitment.more about Olya from Krivoy Rog I am an optimistic, happy, kind and easy-going woman.I express my desires, hopes, dreams in an honest way.Four Anastasia reps are seated at the front of the room: Larry, William Tate – an affable American tour representative who served in the United States Marines – and two Ukrainian representatives named Olga and Anna.Before they address us, the mood is somewhat standoffish.

It’s home to one of the largest ports in the Black Sea basin, yet as our taxi driver threads his way through traffic sans seatbelt while yelling into his mobile phone we get the distinct impression that most buildings outside of the tourist-friendly city centre are slowly falling apart from decades of neglect.Two comically large TV cameras – one from Australian – scan the room.Their footage will undoubtedly be edited down to include only the most forlorn facial expressions.Some of the 24 men chat quietly amongst themselves; most sit alone, eyes to the front, wondering silently what they’ve gotten themselves into.None of them give off the impression of being pick-up artists, or Neil Strauss acolytes.

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My girlfriend Rachael and I are here as guests of Anastasia to report on their Ukrainian ‘summer romance tour’.

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