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Click on the "Software Updates" button below to determine if you need new software and to find the step-by-step instructions you will need to perform to complete the update.This is the home of Chickencatch's automatically updating maps.A software update may be required before you can upgrade the map on your vehicle's Uconnect system.To get started, you will need the Uconnect system's Unit Idenfication (ID) number.Quickly calculate travel times between two villages.View morale from a different player’s point of view (use "Set main" to set the correct player).8 highlight modes to highlight villages by different criteria: "Normal", "Activity", "Points", "Conquer", "Growth", "Attack", "Defend", "Tribeless".

It is possible to configure the map update behavior with a Registry tweak. Before proceeding, ensure that your user account has administrative privileges. You might want to download the following ready-to-use Registry files.

From a quick test it seems like the import creates an embedded file, and looses the link to the sheet.

Has anyone looked at the option of using Google Sheets with Maps Engine as a system for adding data to a sheet, and seeing the live update on the map?

Download Registry Files Tip: To save space on your system partition, you can Move Offline Maps to Another Drive in Windows 10.

You can move your offline maps to any internal or external drive like USB drives and SD cards.

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