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‘I’ve had proposals, but I like being single so much that somebody would have to be special to make me marry him.I would be happy to marry somebody who already has kids; I would be fine with that because I would make a great stepmom.magazine back in 1991, the creamy-skinned, hazel-eyed Dana does not disappoint in the flesh.Despite her low-key, slightly self-mocking manner, she looks the epitome of the sexy older woman who can fascinate men of all ages.Perhaps if both actresses leave the show, we could at least imagine them living happily ever after.What do you think of Dana Delany’s revelations to Jimmy Kimmel?I grew up with 70s feminism and I try to hold true to those principles.A job is often a better bet than many men, and more fulfilling.

defied ageism by giving Katherine a much younger second husband, so Dana frequently finds herself being romanced by younger men in real life.

She dislike the term ‘cougar’, however, for a sexy older woman who dates younger men, because ‘it sounds predatory, which is really not my experience,’ she explains.

‘I date a lot of younger men, but they are always the ones who approach me.

Not that the experience put her off men, because she managed to stay close to her father as well as her mother and still mourns the fact that he met a tragic end when he contracted pancreatic cancer and died in 1981 just a year after remarrying.

‘I have certainly had a lot of relationships, so I feel I’m lucky because I have had every experience I’ve ever wanted and all sorts of men,’ she says.

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This easy-going actress lives alone in Santa Monica with a view of the ocean from the bedroom window, and also in Manhattan where she has a Greenwich Village apartment (very Carrie Bradshaw) and loves the ‘energy’ of the city that hits her as soon as she walks out of the door.

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