Workplace dating wrong

You can read Dr Fitzhugh’s workplace wellbeing resource here.She will be giving a talk related to her study at UEA on May 10.Diane and Julie are lovely names, but they aren’t ours.

My younger classmates don’t seem to mind at all, or even notice.

My name is Diana, and I am constantly called Diane.

This seems to happen most often in email of all places, where my name is automatically generated by Outlook in the To line, and where often my signature block is in the thread.

It was never clear to me.) He immediately began promoting me to other partners as “Kathy” — which made me cringe every time, and required correction.

In your situation, we would say that HR is a big deal because they are likely to introduce you to other people — but opposing counsel isn’t such a big deal, because if s/he uses the name in court, the names sound similar enough (Diane, Diana) that no one will notice.

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