Wow updating setup files

Now im not cheering people to change US to EU, I might not even know if this is a safe and good way to get EU wow but as far as I am concerned right now, I logged in and its time to play some good old wow.

Try turning on your secondary logon path.- Go to start- Control panel- Administrative tools- Services- Scroll down and find the secondary logon service.- Right click on it and go to properties- In the area marked "Startup Type" change that to "automatic"This is required now for WOW to install updates.

Also the time I was able to play wow, I never started wow from the launcher since I got the "updating setup files" bug. There are many threads similar to this one reporting the same "UPDATING SETUP FILES" fault.

This thread is the only one to have a BLUE POST and that is because someone found a fix that worked for them and the BLUE POST offered no constructive advice, in fact, which is just a pat on the back and a lame apology.

starting to get really pissed, I can say with 100% certainty that this problem cannot be because of my computer, Blizz made some mistake here.

Impossible to change the US version to EU I think, unless someone knows how its done.

Search for wow updating setup files:

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If Blizzard were sincere, they would be answering or at least directing players with this problem to a fix.

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